We’re Back!

We’re Back!


Where Have You Been?


I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted. I stopped writing the blog at the beginning of my third year of law school because I was just overwhelmed.  I was taking a full course load finishing up my degree, working an internship at the legal aid clinic, preparing for the bar exam, and looking for a full-time job after graduation.  I just didn’t have time to travel or write.


Since I stopped, I have graduated from law school, passed the bar exam, and become a full-time attorney. I traveled for work a bit before settling back in the Sunflower State. Over the last six years, I have continued to travel throughout the Midwest and abroad. Recently, I began to miss the privilege of documenting my journey. I miss telling people about the beautiful and interesting things I see. So I have decided to re-start The Yellow Brick Road Trip.


But this time, I’m not alone.



Who Is Mona?


When I originally wrote The Yellow Brick Road Trip, I documented my journeys as a solo traveler. Mona, my wife, will now be joining me. She has appeared on this blog before. Our first date actually became a blog post about the wonderful restaurant we visited.


After six years, two cross-country moves, one mortgage, and countless travels, she agreed to marry me. We tied the knot and I couldn’t be happier. We are currently settled in Southeast Kansas with a dog and three cats. I am incredibly grateful to have her joining me on this new journey. She is a professional photographer, primarily shooting weddings, and a yoga instructor. She is also an artist in multiple mediums including lampworking, painting, and creatively reusing recyclable materials into functional art. 


While I will continue to provide most of the words for The Yellow Brick Road Trip, Mona will be providing most of the photos. That’s not to say we won’t fill in for each other sometimes.


So What Happens Now?


Mona and I are constantly traveling. Whether we’re taking weekend road trips or vacations in other countries, I’m writing down our experiences and she’s taking beautiful pictures to capture our experiences. Now, we’re happy to start sharing our travels with you! We hope that you will be inspired to embark your own adventures. See you on the road!