The Yellow Brick Road Trip is a travel blog created by Kris in 2008. After her move to Kansas, she created the blog to write about her road trips in her new state. Kris met Mona in 2010 and Mona became a regular feature on the blog as she joined Kris on her adventures. The Yellow Brick Road Trip went on hiatus in 2011 while Kris was finishing up her law degree. After a few moves and one wedding, Kris and Mona have rebooted The Yellow Brick Road Trip to chronicle their new adventures in Kansas and beyond.


About Kris

Originally from Oklahoma, Kris now lives in Kansas with her wife, Mona, and their pack of rescue animals. She is an attorney during the week and travels regularly for work, which allows her to see a lot of her adoptive home state. In her free time, she continues to hit the road with Mona to explore roadside attractions and the great outdoors. Her hobbies besides traveling include hiking, cooking, and reading.


Kris writes the blog posts and plans the trips. Contact her at



About Mona 

Mona loves cameras. She studied photography and art at Central Missouri University State University. At the Artforms Gallery LLC in Pittsburg Ks she teaches art and photography workshops and sells her art and photography.

Originally from Iowa, Mona enjoys traveling with Kris. She is a photographer, artist, yoga instructor, and bartender. Mona enjoys reading about and exploring new forms of arts and ways to see the world. She was raised with a 16-acre back yard and spent much of her youth outdoors.  Her other interests include spending time with the cats, walking the dog, brewing kombucha, and whatever is currently capturing her interest.


Mona takes the photographs and maintains the website. Contact her at